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  • 30 days before switchWe begin the process by searching for the best provider for you.
  • 14 days before switch Your switch recommendation is ready.
  • Complete your switchYou switch to the new provider
  • Pay your billYou can pay your bill when it arrives.


  • Martin Dumas - "We just received our electric bill after making our first switch per SBC's recommendations.  We saved enough to pay for our first year's membership!  "

  • L. Stephen Rizzieri, Attorney at L. Stephen Rizzieri, PLLC - "This is an easy way to save money without the hassle of keeping track of your electricity contract expiration date and without sifting through the throngs of current providers that lure you in with a low rate and bet that you will forget to switch when your rate goes up. The idea is ingenious. "

  • Ralph Terry, President, Board of Directors at The Brian Terry Foundation - "This is a must for busy individuals! I reduced my electric bill by 25% using Selectricity. How many times did I forget to change my provider before my contract expired only to have my rates go up by 40% or more? You know you have too. Get on board and start saving $$ and time. I tell all my friends about Selectricity!! No one has been disappointed yet. "

  • Gail Fahey Hasson, Showroom Administrator at Nike - "Easy to sign up. Great way to save money, especially in peak summer months. Having Selectriciy monitor rates for me and make a switch to lower rates is such a time saver too. We have saved hundreds of dollars this past summer. I wish this were available years ago!! "

  • Roshan Vani, Principal at Nexus Program Management Group, LLC. - "If you live in Texas you should consider using this service. We started using them last year and our first switch was ~40% cheaper than what we were paying.  "

  • Jerry Thurmond, CO-Founder of Willow Bend Capital Management, LLC - "I saved enough on my electricity bill since last July to pay for a vacation to New York City.  It is well worth a few minutes of your time to join Selectricity! "

  • Mary Beasley, Director, Midcontinent Origination at ConocoPhillips - "After living in Texas, I would recommend using this service for selecting your energy provider. This is an independent evaluation of all the choices you have. I think most people do not really have time to evaluate rates/programs and just pick one hoping it works out. Selectricity makes that job much easier!!! "

  • Benjamin A. Hubbard, PMP Benjamin A. Hubbard, PMP, Owner & Principal at Nexus Program Management Group - "Selectricity affords consumers the chance to save money on their electricity costs with almost no work. It is as simple as signing up and watching your electricity bills shrink. "

  • David Scruggs, President at AmWINS Specialty Auto, Inc. - "Signing up with Selectricity was the best decision I made when trying to control electricity cost. "

  • Danny Kin, CPA, CISA, Principal at Kin & Associates - "Easy to sign up. Great service. Great savings. "

  • Chris Newitt, Owner at BarkingApple.com - "Great way to save some serious money on your electricity bills! "

  • Ian Harris, Owner at Aeroseal of Austin - "I have just received my first full months bill for February. It was $108, I grabbed a calculator and worked out what the old supplier would have charged me....it was $274! This is a significant savings, so glad I made the move to Selectricity. "

  • Stephen Cain, Sr. Business Development Executive at HP Enterprise Services - "It's a great concept and anyone who wants to save both time and money needs to seriously look into this. I consider myself a value buyer, but the rates that Selectricity is able to achieve are far below what I was able to obtain on my own thus the value brought by Selectricity is beyond my expectations! "