How it works

You sign up for the SBC switching service
Within 24 hours you receive a call from our switching coordinator
We will ask you to provide key personal information required by energy suppliers
We store your information in our vault. We DO NOT store your information digitally
Our energy experts use our proprietary model to determine the best electricity contract for you
We switch you to your new supplier and send confirmation of the new contract. This repeats as long as you remain a member

Personal Information We Request on the Phone

What do we need?


Why do we need it?

Energy suppliers do a soft credit check while processing new service requests. This requires the requested information. We never ask for social security, credit card or drivers license information by email or electronic media.

How do we store it?

With so many data breaches it is safe to use paper forms which remain securely filed and locked in our office. We don’t store sensitive data electronically.